One of the biggest and most frequent questions I get as a doctor is why Suboxone? Why are you substituting one addiction for another? Well, that’s a good question! I’ll explain.

Heroin and opiate addiction is a big deal. If you don’t know…now you do. It’s in the media. Local media. National media. It’s talked about at church, the grocery store, the bank, and behind the scenes by those who are suffering from the addiction and by those who are casting judgment on those with opiate addiction. Bottom line, it’s a big deal. Its estimated that use of Suboxone (buprenorphine Naloxone) in medication-assisted therapy decreases the chance of fatal overdoses by over 50%. Just in 2017, Ohio had the second highest rate of drug overdose deaths with opiates in the entire United States. Over 4,000 people died that year with an overdose ( At my clinic, MATRx, we strive to increase awareness that opiate addiction can be overcome and that everyone can live a normal life. Our patients are a true success story and a great example of people here in central Ohio beating opiate addiction.

Addiction is real. For instance, some people struggle with alcohol. Food addiction is one of the most difficult addictions of all. Nicotine addiction. Other controlled substance addiction. I think the main understanding we all need is to know the power of addiction. All of our brains are chemically and genetically different. Some of us are more prone to developing addictions than others. And that is ok. Whether you have been around the influencing crowd with peer pressure or if you suffered from a medical problem requiring pain medication like morphine, oxycodone, oxycontin…the possibility of becoming addicted to these medications in the brain is possible. These addictions can be devastating resulting in death. So here is where Suboxone therapy or Zubsolv therapy come into play.

1) Suboxone saves lives. Buprenorphine not only changes lives…it saves lives. It helps prevent death. This is reason #1. It helps prevent overdose of opiates. It stops the opiate cravings and allows people to carry on normal lives. It binds to the receptors in the brain differently than heroin or other opiates. It has a stronger ability to bind to these certain receptors. This helps stop the withdrawal symptoms one would experience if not taking the medicine and predisposing to overdose. Simply put, Suboxone helps you decrease the want or desire of the heroin or oxycontin.

2) Suboxone stabilizes your life. After starting therapy, you learn how to balance and stabilize your thoughts and actions. Your brain starts to change. The receptors in your brain start are now changing for the good. The old, destructive routines of your opiate addiction start to go away. You take your medication and you have the chance to llive your normal life now. Just as a diabetic takes medications for their sugar regulation or people take medicine for their heart…you take a medication that helps you live a normal life and decreases your cravings to take opiates. You no longer are controlled by the opiates. You are back in charge of your own life!

3) Suboxone helps to set you up for success. Now that you are stabilized on the medication you have opened yourself up to new opportunities of which you didn’t feel were possible. A lot of my patients are doing extremely well that they are retaining good jobs, saving money, rebuilding family and friend relationships. For example, a patient has been doing so well on her medication that she has now saved up enough money and has upgraded to a better apartment and purchased a car. The money she was spending to obtain opiates off the streets was astounding. Sometimes it was up over $1000 a week. Work is no longer sporadic. Work retention and being able to stay on task with your job is now happening. You are able to get your life back.

Addictions don’t go away over night and some not at all. It’s how you deal with your addictions that determines your success. If someone told you that you could take a daily medicine to help you overcome your pain medication or heroin addiction….why wouldn’t you do it? Suboxone simply helps you along your journey to opiate recovery. That’s what we are here for. We also offer alternatives to Suboxone brand name medication. We offer Zubsolv and generic forms of buprenorphine/naloxone in tablet and film formulations.

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