We at MATRx continue to follow state guidelines for Covid-19 risk mitigation.
Please always bring and wear your mask in the office as you have been. If you don’t have
access to a mask, please ask us and we will provide you with one. The vaccinations are
underway in Ohio. I, Dr Smith, am fully vaccinated against Covid-19. I do recommend all of
my patients receive the vaccine for their own personal health and to help protect those around
you. If you have any questions for me please ask at your next visit or give our office a call. If
you are sick or showing signs or symptoms of Covid-19 or currently in quarantine, please notify
us so we can coordinate a Telehealth visit with you. It is our utmost priority to protect each and
every one of you. By doing just that, we also protect your loved ones and friends.
As 2021 is now underway, we continue to garner great results and improvements with all of our
patients in opiate recovery. Suboxone treatment has saved so many lives especially during a
time when our opiate overdose deaths in Ohio saw an uptick in cases during the pandemic. We
continue to serve central Ohio, Northwest Ohio, Northern Ohio, and the greater Marion and
Columbus communities. If you or a friend is suffering from Percocet, Norco, Oxycodone,
heroin, or fentanyl addiction please reach out to us for help and guidance. We are proud to be
a leading opiate recovery center in Reynoldsburg and Marion, Ohio.