Answering the Question, Will Suboxone® Help My Opiate Addiction?

MATR is a central Ohio medically assisted drug treatment and recovery clinic that is approved by the state board of pharmacy with a terminal distributors license. Read an interview with a MATR patient and to hear more of their clinic experience and also their experience with Suboxone® therapy.


  1. What brought you to MATR the first time you came in? I got caught stealing money from my girlfriend to pay for prescription pain pills, and she told me I had to get help or I would lose her.
  2. What brought you to MATR today?I want to leave that life [being addicted to prescription pain medication] behind me. Now I’m here for my family. I’m doing good. Trish [the group counselor at MATR Marion] is great. Everyone is really nice here and they make it easy to keep my prescription for my medicine (Suboxone®).
  3. Tell me about your experience with chemically-assisted treatment.I couldn’t have done this without the medication (Suboxone®). Now I’m here to maintain, stay clean for my family and for myself. The medicine helps control cravings so I can focus on work and helping my family.
  4. Describe the process to get your medicine.It’s really easy. It takes about 90 minutes to come for my appointment, do counseling, take my drug test and get to the pharmacy. I’ve been coming here for about 2 ½ years. It makes me nervous to stop taking Suboxone® because I know I’m doing good now. It’s probably stupid but I’m afraid to be tempted if I stop taking it.
  5. How concerned are you about privacy in regards to your treatment?I’m very concerned about privacy when it comes to coming here and taking my medicine. Only my wife knows. Maybe I’m fooling myself but I don’t think anyone else even knew I was on drugs, so I definitely don’t tell them about this. I really don’t want my work to know that I’m here and that I’m taking Suboxone® to avoid a relapse to taking pain pills uncontrollably again.
  6. If you had unlimited money, time, willingness, and resources, what would your treatment look like?I don’t know. In some ways I’d want to be somewhere fancy by the beach, but really even with all the money in the world I’d still want to be here with my family taking my medicine (Suboxone®) because it’s done so much for me, and they mean so much to me.

The text in this interview is summarized from a conversation with an anonymous MATR patient June 2018.