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Our physicians understand the need for accessible, one-on-one doctor to patient visits, and consistent counseling with the same counselor.

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Marion Office : 330-906-0450
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To our current and prospective patients:  It has come to our attention at MATRx that another Suboxone clinic in the Marion area has been targeting our patients.  

First off, I’m sorry that you have endured this behavior from these other physicians and office staff but we are happy that our patients have brought this to our attention. Myself and my clinic are in no way associated with that clinic. We have outstanding relationships with our patients and continue to do so.  We are Ohio licensed through the State Board of Pharmacy unlike some. We have raised the bar for opiate addiction therapy in this part of central Ohio through updated procedures and strategy.  We understand our patients have received numerous phone calls from this other clinic, have received fliers in the mail to home addresses violating your patient privacy rights, and continued lies in order to poach patients. We don’t support any of these actions. We do not support this other clinic and their unethical attempts at slandering us and trying to coerce our patients. We appreciate our patients and put their health and privacy at the top of our list. We encourage you to visit to file a complaint! Thank you to our current & prospective patients at MATRx for making us one of the premier opiate addiction clinics in all of central Ohio!   

Dr Anthony Smith 

Welcome to MATR Ohio

At MATRx, we have heard what our patients prefer and desire for help with their opiate addiction. We are so very proud to offer a second location in Marion, Ohio. Our staff has served Marion since 2014 and our physicians have been serving this community since 2016! Our physicians understand the need for accessible, one-on-one doctor to patient visits, and consistent counseling with the same counselor. We don’t believe in just treating a mass group of patients.

Please call Bryan to schedule your appointment! If Marion is a bit far for you to drive, please know we have another clinic in Reynoldsburg that we can help take care of your needs. MATR operates by physician only with no management company involvement and in compliance with all state laws. This allows us to put our patients’ needs and priorities first.

Meet Blanche ! One of the pride & joys at Matrx. Blanche helps all of our patients with their mood and their  recovery. We believe in uplifting our patients in positive ways and no better way than man’s best friend. She’s become such a highlight at our clinic that our patients all look forward to  their visit so they can see and interact with Blanche. She is at both of our office locations and ready to make you smile and laugh!

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Review with Dr. Anthony Smith

I’ve seen Suboxone® be very effective in preventing withdrawal symptoms so patients can function and focus on recovery. Like a person with diabetes takes a medication to manage their diabetes, our patients take a medication to manage their addiction. Some people think that the majority of patients in medically-assisted drug treatment have socio-economic struggles and that’s true with some of our patients but not all. Our team of staff and care-providers treat all patients warmly and with confidentiality at our facilities. Separating us from many others, we are state board of pharmacy approved with a terminal distributors license.

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